WASRAG Ambassador Volunteer Applications
Note:  All WASRAG Ambassadors must be Rotarians and have, or obtain upon renewal, the five year level of membership in WASRAG.  If necessary confirm your membership by contacting us at:  Membership Confirmation.   

As a WASRAG Ambassador you will be asked to do the following:

1.  Represent WASRAG and promote WASRAG membership at District events.

2.  Develop and promote a WASH Speakers Bureau to provide Rotary clubs with speakers on WASH related topics.

3.  Develop and maintain liaisons with municipal authorities, NGOs and other partners to support local Rotary clubs in developing sustainable projects through partnerships with these entities.

4.  Act as a conduit between WASRAG and local Rotary clubs to provide the most current information about Rotary WASH related initiatives and objectives.

5.  Encourage resources within your region to engage in various Rotary and WASRAG pursuits, e.g. sustainable water, sanitation and behaviour change initiatives.

6.   Disseminate information/needs assessment data about your region to others in Rotary, in the effort to enhance the quality, relevance and sustainability of projects undertaken in your region.

7.  Identify individual Rotarians in your region who may support Rotary and WASRAG initiatives such as grant developers, project review, school certification application scoring and project enhancement activities.

8.  Facilitate the translation and distribution of WASH related materials provided by WASRAG to Rotarians in your area.

9.  Provide articles for the WASRAG newsletter regarding WASH initiatives in your area.