2020 PRP Global Census
My PRP journey began in August 2012 at the age of 66 with the appearance of a dime-sized red spot on my forehead. Within a few weeks I was misdiagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis. It took another three months, four biopsies, six days of hospitalization, and a new dermatologist before I was correctly diagnosed with Classical, Adult Onset PRP (Type 1). 

My treatment plan began in December 2012 and included acitretin (25-50mg) and the nightly slathering of Desonide (face and ears), Clobetasol (palms and soles), and triamcinolone (body). In April 2014, after a 20-month journey, I was declared in remission, e.g., symptom-free and med-free.

It has taken over six years for me to build a PRP Global Database that now includes 1,621 PRP patients who are members of the PRP Facebook Support Group and 479 PRP patients who are not members.

The information we seek in the 2020 PRP Global Census will be used to "whet the appetite of PRP researchers". Last year we used the PRP Global Database to help recruit a record-breaking 574 participants in a PRP Research project undertaken by UCLA, USC and Kaiser Permanente. Our database will continue to serve as a catalyst for future PRP research.

If you are reluctant to participate in the 2020 PRP Global Census, regardless of the reason, please contact me directly at 214-205-0574 (Plano, TX) or via email at bill.mccue@prpAlliance.org

Thank you in advance for participating in the 2020 PRP Global Census.

Let's begin.