2020 Regatta Program and Parade of Sail Specification Sheet
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Please fill out and return the information below by June 16th to be included in the Camden Classics Cup program. It will also be given to our Regatta commentators who will be broadcasting the Parade of Sail!

If you competed in a previous Camden Classics Cup, we will use one of the photos we have from some of the great photographers who have covered the event, like Billy Black, Daniel Forster, Mark Krasnow, Alison Langley and Josh Moore. Marnie will contact you if for some reason they missed you and we need a shot.

Newcomers to the Camden Classics Cup: Please email us a hi-res photo of your boat (5x7, 300 dpi, should be about 2mgs Email Photo.  

Dress Ship! Costumes! Battle Flags! 
All Camden Classics Cup Participants Welcome!
Be a part of the Camden Classics Cup's
Parade of Sail
Saturday, July 25, 2020 at 10 AM!

65 boats participated last year! The 2020 Parade of Sail promises to be the grandest yet! 
Questions regarding Parade of Sail? Email Scott Layton 
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Use Previous Years' Information and photo. If you select this option, scroll to the bottom and hit Finish.
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Please include a short note about your boat.  We are interested in hearing the vessel's history, places sailed, race results, etc.  

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