Thanks for taking the time to complete our survey.
MNPHA will be using the responses from this survey to:
- Advocate for our sector
- Develop programs of value to our members
- Educate the public and our partner about non-profit housing
- Track changes in non-profit housing over time
As a sector, we serve thousands of individuals and families, employ hundreds of people, and have assets and purchasing power that we can leverage. This survey will help us use accurate numbers when describing our collective resources.

This survey tool is designed for organizations that manage one building only. We have a different survey and excel sheet that is designed for organizations that manage multiple buildings. If you need the link to that survey and the excel document, please contact us at

The survey asks questions about: your building location, the number of type of units you manage, rent structures, the tenants you serve, waitlists, turnover rates, organizational structure, organizational budget, value of your assets, property and education taxes, spending on repairs and maintenance, and future plans. Depending on the availability of this information, the survey may take about 25-30 minutes.

You may skip any question you would like, however we encourage you to please provide as much detail as possible. While the results of the survey will be made public, information about individual organizations will be held confidential.

MNPHA's Social Work Practicum Student, Jessica Steffano, is administering the survey and compiling the results. If you would prefer to fill in the survey with her by phone or in person, please contact her at If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, contact Christina at

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