2020 Parrot Resolutions
Phoenix Landing Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to parrot welfare. It provides educational talks and classes in MD, DC, VA, NC, and the Jacksonville, FL areas, and adopts parrots to those and surrounding areas. 

Do you have a resolution for you and your parrot? Can Phoenix Landing provide information or tips to help you achieve it? Let us know by completing the survey below! Thanks!

What is your 2020 resolution for you and your parrot?

Improve or strengthen my relationship with them.
Get them to exercise more.
Get them to eat a larger variety of healthy foods.
Increase the amount of time they forage for foods.
Increase the amount they play with toys, etc.
Help them be less stressed at veterinary appointments.
Stop them from biting me or others.
Stop them from destroying things I don't want them to destroy.
Get them to stop screaming.
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For which parrot(s) do you have these goals? If you wish, please share their name, species, and the goal/resolution you have for them. 


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How can Phoenix Landing help you achieve your goal or resolution? 

Provide tips or information about parrot behavior or parrot training.
Share activities to get parrots to be more active or exercise more.
Share information about parrot nutrition, food preparation, recipes, and more.
Provide ideas and inspiration for foraging toys.
Include information, tips, and ideas for providing enrichment for parrots.
Check in with me quarterly to inquire about my progress towards my resolution or goal.
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What format(s) or delivery methods would you like Phoenix Landing to use to provide the information you listed above?

Email it to me
Articles, blog posts on the Phoenix Landing website
Videos on Youtube, social media, and/or the Phoenix Landing website
In-person classes
Online classes
Share tips on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc)
Features in the monthly Phoenix Landing newsletter
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Other comments or ideas on how Phoenix Landing might help you meet your goals/resolutions for you and your parrot:


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If you would like for us to send information to you in order to help you achieve your resolution or goals, please provide us with your name and contact information.

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