2020 FPA MA Scholarship Application: Due May 1, 2020
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Award recipient will receive
$1000 tuition scholarship (payable to a CFP Program/School)

Membership in FPA for 1 year

Attend all FPA MA meetings no charge.

Attend June 4 Annual Meeting- Seacrest, Falmouth to receive the award.

Eligibility Qualifications
Currently enrolled in a CFP Program administered by an accredited university or college registered with the CFP Board of Standards (The scholarship may be used towards a review course)

Have the intention of becoming a CFP Certificant by fulfilling all education requirements and sitting for the CFP Board of Standards Certification Examination.

Demonstrates academic and/or professional accomplishment (e.g. GPA, degrees received, and or specific professional achievements)

Provide one letter of recommendation. (Consider professors, instructors, CFP Practitioners, colleagues, etc.) Please send to admin@fpama.org

Must be willing to attend an award ceremony.

Must not have been awarded an FPA CFP Certification merit-based scholarship within the previous 12 months.

The decision to award this scholarship shall be made at the full discretion of the FPA MA Chapter Board of Directors and/or other body duly appointed by the Board of Directors.

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First and Last Name


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Phone and email


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Required 4.

Name of Institution (must be approved by the CFP Board of Standards. Scholarship will be made out to the institution)


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Required 5.

CFP Course Work to date: Please list CFP courses you have taken


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Required 6.

CFP Course Work Planned for the Fall, Spring, Summer Semesters: Please list


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Do you plan to take a CFP Review Course?

Required 8.
When do you plan to sit for the CFP Board of Standards of Standards Certification Exam?

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Required 9.
Academic Background: What classes have you taken? What degrees are you in process of or have?

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Required 10.
Employment: Please list current and previous employment for the past ten years, starting with the most recent. List Employer, Employment Dates, Address, and Position you Held

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Required 11.
Professional Achievements: Please list any professional achievements for the past ten years, starting with the most recent.

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Required 12.
What do you feel are the benefits of obtaining the CFP Certification?

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Required 13.
Why have you chosen the financial planning profession?

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Required 14.
What are your career goals after receiving the CFP Certification?

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Please use the space below to share any comments that you wish to be considered in your application

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