NOFA-NH's 2020 Farm Share Program Application for Farmers
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Program Objective
The objective of  NOFA-NH's Farm Share Program is to connect limited income individuals, families, and seniors with reduced cost certified organic CSA shares from NOFA-NH member farms. NOFA-NH strives to represent farms throughout the state through this program.
Eligibility and Requirements
A. Farm Eligibility
Farms wishing to participate in the Farm Share Program must be certified organic for livestock and/or crops, must be a member farm of NOFA-NH, and must have an existing CSA program as part of their operations.
B. Farm Responsibilities and Requirements
Farms selected as grant recipients shall:

- Help promote the program to potential CSA share recipient(s) through your mailing list, on your CSA application, and/or in your community. Please Note: NOFA-NH will solicit for Farm Share Program recipients once the participating farms are selected. Participating farms can assist by circulating the electronic application.

- Work with NOFA-NH staff to connect CSA recipient(s) with share type(s). 

- Provide communications with selected CSA recipient(s) as with all of the other farm CSA members (newsletters, emails, etc).

- Submit follow up survey information to NOFA-NH at the end of the grant period.

Program Funding and Duration
A. Funding Availability
NOFA-NH will subsidize 25 - 50% of the cost of each share. Participating farmers subsidize 25% of the share (either directly or indirectly via contributions from your existing CSA customers, some other fundraising effort, or a combination of methods). Farms will contribute no more than 25% of each share. Each recipient subsidizes the remaining 25 - 50% of their share. Awards no less than $250 and no greater than $450 per farm share will be considered. Program administrators reserve the right to offer funding to selected applicants at an amount less than requested in the application budget.
B. Program Duration
This program ends December 31, 2020. All reporting information must be submitted by December 31, 2020.
Application Procedure
Applications must be completed by the applicant (or authorized representative of the farm) and submitted by March 5, 2020.
Please contact NOFA-NH Operations Manager Nikki Kolb with questions about this application or program at 603-224-5022 and
Thank you for your interest in the Farm Share Program, and your commitment to helping our neighbors in need!
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Is the above named farm Certified Organic?
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Certification Scope(s):
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Certifying Agent:


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Does the above named farm operate a CSA program?
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Number of Members in 2019:

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Expected Number of Members in 2020:

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CSA type(s) offered and cost for 2020:
(e.g. summer, vegetable, meat, egg, half share, full share,  etc.)
You may email a flyer or submit an electronic copy of your CSA type(s) and costs if easier to Nikki Kolb at If doing so, please note that in your response.

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Duration of CSA (e.g. June - October, 2020):

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How do you communicate with your CSA members?

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CSA website URL:

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Are you willing to subsidize 25% of a CSA share (directly or indirectly via contributions from your existing CSA customers, some other fundraising effort, or a combination of methods)?
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Thank you for applying to participate in NOFA-NH's 2020 Farm Share Program. Please expect an official reply by March 15, 2020.