FIR04 Buyer Experience and Needs Survey
In line with contract management and future sourcing activities, and to ensure we are meeting buyers' personal protective equipment (PPE) expectations, we are seeking feedback about the FIR04 Public Safety Equipment, Supplies, Services and Repairs Statewide Contract. 

Thank you in advance for taking our brief survey.   
Select the response that best describes your organization.
We have used FIR04 products/services.
We have not used FIR04 but may in the future.
In the past, we opted not to use the FIR04 contract.
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Please identify your organization type.

City/Town Administrative Office
City/Town Department of Public Works
Executive Department/Other State Agency
Fire Department
Housing Authority
Police Department
Public Institution of Higher Education
Public School
The FIR04 contract is segmented into five categories. Select the categories that are of interest to your organization.
Fire Equipment & Supplies
EMS Equipment & Supplies
Police Equipment & Supplies
Marine Equipment & Supplies
Services & Repairs
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Please rate the following aspects of the FIR04 contract:

 Not at All Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Moderately Satisfied Very Satisfied Completely Satisfied N/A 
Product selection
Services selection
Ease of finding products
Ease of finding services
Vendor responsiveness to questions
Vendor responsiveness to quote requests
Turnaround time from purchase to delivery
Information provided in the Contract User Guide
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Are there additional products or services you would like to see offered on this Statewide Contract? Please provide details.
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Is your organization using a contract other than Statewide Contract FIR04 for any of the categories previously listed? If yes, please share your reason(s) for doing so.
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Is there anything else you think we should know about your experience with FIR04? Please include any issues that you have experienced, as well as aspects of the contract you think are currently working well. 


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