Allen County is at a critical point in defining our future and a major element of our success lies in fast and reliable internet. Without broadband internet, our county will fall behind in not attracting and retaining quality jobs and residents but our kids will lack access to opportunities that other school districts can build upon. You can help make this happen!
The Allen County Broadband Action Team has been created to develop a plan and accurately assess where the internet is available, its quality, and cost. This survey will gather data that will help in our planning efforts moving forward. 
Your information is confidential and will not be used for marketing. It is for the use of the broadband planning committee to identify unserved or underserved areas. 
If you decide you do not want your address to be mapped indicating if you have service or not (question #2) , please still complete this survey so we can have as many responses as possible.
Thanks for taking the time to complete this survey. We value your feedback.