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UMA is working to support our Members through this current COVID-19 crisis. Please share any best practices you can recommend to fellow operators. UMA will use your responses to support our Members during this difficult time and post new information as it is available on our Coronavirus Resource Page on the UMA.org website.

We respect your confidentiality and you are welcome to complete this survey by only providing the state your business is located in. If you choose to give us further information, your personal information will not be shared without your permission. Thank you for your help. 
Please share your top concern regarding the current COVID-19 crisis. Please be as specific as possible. 

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Refund policy: What is your refund policy for customers under these circumstances?
Full Refund
Partial Refund
Future Credit
No Refund
Still trying to figure it out
Other, please elaborate
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Please share any actions your company is taking that you believe other operators can learn from or replicate. Please answer in the following categories.

Communicating with customers


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Leading your team


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Controlling costs


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