COVID-19 Local Business Impact Survey
The City of Woodinville, in partnership with OneRedmond, is conducting a survey to understand and document the impacts of the COVID-19 and related public health recommendations. At this point, the City intends to collate this high-level data and may use it to advocate for any federal or state funding that may come available in the coming months and refine City financial projections. The following survey is intended to gather information about City businesses’ most urgent needs. Responding will likely take 10 minutes or less.
We greatly appreciate your feedback.


What type of business are you? (Please describe or provide website link.)


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How many full-time employees do you have?


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How many part-time employees do you have?


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How has COVID-19 impacted your business so far in terms of revenue compared to this period last year? 


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How has COVID-19 impacted your business so far in terms of number of customers increased or decreased from this period of time last year?


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Is your staff/office able to work from home and continue to operate successfully? 

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What new steps or tools have you implemented to pivot your business during this?


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What types of tools and resources do you need to continue to operate?


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Do you have any other feedback, concerns or issues that you are facing?

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What is the address of your business? (Optional)


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What is the Zip Code of your business? (Optional but would be really helpful)


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Thank you for participating in the City of Woodinville COVID-19 Business Impact Survey, in partnership with OneRedmond. Your time and input are appreciated.