Thank you for your interest in this survey which is designed to collect information on the effects of different treatments for SUNCT* and SUNA*.  SUNCT and SUNA are rare and our goal is to make this the largest study ever undertaken in these headache disorders. If you have confirmed SUNCT or SUNA please complete the survey.  Your feedback will be an important contribution to medical research into these painful conditions. The survey data may facilitate the design of future clinical trials.  The survey includes 23 questions and will take approximately 20 - 30 minutes to complete. This survey is a joint research project by Clusterbusters and the Beckley Foundation.

The survey is anonymous. The only identifiable information collected will be your IP Address which will be de-linked.   At the end of the survey, you will be given an option to provide us with your contact information.  You may decline to provide us your information and your response will still be recorded.  As custodians of your personal information, we will not release your contact information to anyone for any reason, your contact information will be encrypted, and any identifiable information will be de-linked, deleted, or destroyed upon completion of our research.

*Attacks of moderate or severe, strictly unilateral head pain lasting seconds to minutes, occurring at least once a day and usually associated with prominent lacrimation and redness of the ipsilateral eye. For more diagnostic information, follow link: