Volunteer and Donation Needs Survey
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Please complete this survey to help Volunteer Fairfax better serve your organization to connect volunteers and donations to support your needs. It should take ten minutes or less to complete. We understand that needs may be different at this time. Being mindful of that, we are seeking volunteer opportunities that follow CDC guidelines that work to support keeping our community safe and healthy. Some of your needs may be "virtual" volunteer opportunities. Other needs may be in person, but to the best of your ability, follow CDC social distancing guidelines, thereby minimizing close contact.  

We are asking volunteers to volunteer only if they are comfortable doing so, are healthy, have not been out of the country, or exposed to anyone exhibiting signs of COVID-19 illness. Feel free to contact us at covid19@volunteerfairfax.org with any questions you may have as we work together during this time.

If you are a medical practice or long term care facility and are in need of PPE, we have been asked to connect you with the Fairfax County Health Department. Please email them at HDLiaison@fairfaxcounty.gov and share your supply need with them for better assistance.

Information shared will be posted on the Volunteer Fairfax site here.
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Description of volunteer needs and duties. 

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Timeframe of opportunity (If not applicable type N/A in field)

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Physical address of volunteer opportunity or donation request. If the location is confidential, please provide the zip code the opportunity takes place within.


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Logistical information of opportunity/donation drop off location.

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Minimum age of volunteer and minimum age with a parent.

(Example: 18 years old/12 years old with a parent)

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Point of contact and contact information for opportunity, if different from person filling out this form (i.e. phone, email, organizational website).


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