How is Coronavirus Impacting Your Hypnotism Business (Confidential Survey)
I will make the results of this survey public on facebook but your response will be completely anonymous - there will be no way for me or anyone to tell who says what. So please be completely honest. You have nothing to lose and we all can gain from our shared experience provided we report our experience candidly. PLEASE BE CANDID - the results will be meaningless if people try to answer from a "positive thinking" or "manifesting" mindset rather than what is really going on in your practice.
How are you coping with the social distancing guidelines or lock-down ordinances in your community regarding office visits?
Closed office indefinitely (pending developments)
Closed office until a future date (you can list date in comment section)
Moved clients to skype, zoom or phone
Focusing on pre-recorded programs
Focusing on on-line training programs (train the trainer)
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What has your experience been converting office visits to zoom, skype or phone hypnosis? And feel free to describe what has worked or not worked for you in getting clients to convert to online hypnosis sessions.
Easy - virtually 100% success converting office to online sessions
Somewhat difficult 75% - 100% success
Very difficult 50% - 75% success
Extremely difficuilt 25%-50% success
Haven't figured out how to 0% - 25% success
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money question

Have you modified your fee for online hypnosis? 

No - charging the same fee for skye or zoom as for an office visit
Yes - offering a temporary discount to get clients to try online hypnosis
Yes - offering a permanent discount for online hypnosis
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How has your income from hypnotism been effected (excluding stage shows) as a result of conornavirus in the last two weeks? 

No change
Down less than 25%
Down more than 25% but less than 50%
Down between 50% and 75%
Down beteen 75% and 90%
Down 100%
My hypnotism income has actually INCREASED during coronavirus
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How are your new client inquiries for the following issues over the past two weeks?
 Zero Down SIgnificantly About the Same as Usual Up Up A Lot 
Weight Loss
Problems Sleeping
Relationship Issues
Career Issues
"Spiritual" Past Lives, Etc.
Complementary Medical
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If you are still successful in your practice despite coronavirus, any advice for hypnotists who might be struggling?

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