We Want to Know What You Really Think

Read each statement below and rate it according to how well the description fits your At-Home Teacher.  You may also share your own thoughts by telling us what you really think in the spaces provided.  Help us understand who you think is a better teacher - the one at school or the one at home.  Don't worry, you won't get in trouble for any answers you provide.  Just have some fun!

Who is your new At-Home Teacher?

My same school teacher

How are you enjoying learning and doing schoolwork at home?

 Yes! Definitely Sometimes Not at all   
I love learning at home   
I like it but I miss my friends   
I miss school   
I miss my teacher   

What is your favorite part about learning at home?

 Yes! Definitely Sometimes Not at all   
Tackling new subjects   
Learning with my new At-Home Teacher   
Talking to and seeing my teacher and classmates online   
The comfortable place I get to learn   

How are your new At-Home Teacher's teaching skills?

 Yes! Definitely Sometimes Not at all   
Does he/she listen?   
Does he/she make you a schedule?   
Does he/she know the subjects he/she is teaching you?   
Does he/she discipline like your classroom teacher?   
How is your At-Home Teacher's behavior?
 Yes! Definitely Sometimes Not at all   
Is he/she patient?   
Is he/she helpful?   
Is he/she dressed to teach?   
Can he/she operate the technology you use?   

What is fun about learning from home? 


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What do you miss about your regular school?


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Who is your favorite teacher from your regular school? What do you miss about he/she?

(Please provide the teacher's first and last name, the grade he/she teaches, and the name of the school where he/she teaches to enter them into the drawing too!)


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