Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber Survey
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COVID-19 Survey

As we end week 3 of the shelter in place order, this brief 5 minute survey is designed to help the Chamber best understand the current situation with our member businesses. 
Required 1.

What is your current business operational status?

Open - business as usual
Open - reduced hours/staff
Closed - but our staff is working from home
Closed - Temporarily, staff is not working
Required 2.

What is the impact that COVID-19 has had on your business? Please check all that apply. 

No impact
Laid off some employees
Laid off all employees
Suspended operations
Operating on a skeleton crew of essential employees
Open due to being deemed an essential business
Experiencing significant cash-flow issues
Problems retraining employees due to higher unemployment benefits available
Required 3.
Under normal circumstance, how many employees do you have? Please include full and part time. If you don't know the exact number, please estimate to the best of your abilities. 

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Required 4.
Have you laid off any of your staff, full or part time? If you answer "Yes" can you please share how many?
I did not have employees prior to COVID-19
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Required 5.

If the current shelter in place order continues, how long before you believe you will be forced to close permanently?

Already closed permanently - will not be reopening
Approximately 1 week
Approximately 2 week
Approximately 1 month
Between 1 and 3 months
Between 3 and 6 months
6 months plus
I'm not sure
Required 6.
What is your current CARES Act status?
I don't intent to use any of the CARES Act options
I know a little, but I'm not sure which way I"m going yet
I will be filing for help, but I haven't done it yet
Already filed for some or all of the options that fit my business
Required 7.
What information would help you for your next step? 
I need to learn more about where to BEGIN with CARES Act options
I've started the filing process, but I have questions
I've filed all my CARES Act paperwork, now I need to know how to move forward with the "new normal"
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Required 8.

What do you need to restart or bring employees back? Check all that apply.

For the shelter in place order to be lifted
Guidance/Best practices to keep my employees and customers safe
Access to PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for all employees
Access to funds to pay employees, vendors, and other expenses
Growth in our customer base/traffic
Required 9.

As you begin to plan for the restart of your business, what will be the biggest challenge for you? Please check all that apply. 

Bringing employees back
Availability for vendors or supply chain
Restarting/ramping up production for new demands
Retaining customers
Required 10.

Finally, are there any specific policy or regulatory changes that you believe would help your business, your industry, or the Southwest Michigan economy get back to normal? These can be changes at the local, state, or federal level.


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If you'd like us to follow up with you directly, please leave your name and business below. 


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