We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone. We are so grateful to all of our friends and family, subscribers and members who have sent us messages and donations over the past few weeks. You give us the courage and confidence to keep moving forward - even with no end in sight. We are doing all we can right now to stay in touch with you. I hope you are enjoying our little video clips of On Stage Memories and "If these Walls could Talk". We are having fun making them for you.
As the Ivoryton Playhouse plans for the future, we need your help. We are committed to bringing you the terrific shows that you have come to expect from us, but as you might imagine, we want to make it as safe and comfortable for you as we can. We would be grateful if you could take just 2-5 minutes to answer a few key questions to help us understand how we can help and what we might expect from our audiences during this unprecedented time.  
       Thank you!
      Jacqueline Hubbard
      Artistic / Executive Director