COVID-19 Status Update
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As Androscoggin prepares to reopen many businesses June 1st, our members are trying to figure out what customer demand will be. Your response to these questions will be anonymous, and the results summary will be shared with our members to inform their expectations for June and beyond. Please consider forwarding this to your employees and network to help us get a big picture look at consumer behavior in our county.
Starting in June, you can begin to shop at retail stores throughout Maine. What are your plans for shopping?
I am not waiting for June 1st- I am headed to a nearby county to shop soon.
I will be back to shopping like before COVID as soon as they allow me to.
I plan to get a few things the first week, but will be in and out of the store.
I will prefer curbside pickup for a bit longer, and won't resume shopping like before right away.
I don't plan on shopping in stores, and I don't know when I will be ready to.
I am at risk, and will be remaining at home.
Starting in June, you can begin to attend events and gatherings with up to 50 People. What will you be doing?
I can't wait! I will be setting up my own gatherings at my home or office, where I can control the environment and guest list.
I will be attending gatherings required by my employment, but limiting my attendance elsewhere.
I will go to events, but only ones that are smaller (10 or below).
I am not ready to go to events yet.
My workplace policy prohibits me from offsite events and meetings.
The LA Metro Chamber is preparing to restart our signature events. We are committed to offering virtual join options for everything we offer, maintaining social distancing and sanitation. What are you ready for?
Breakfast- in person with no more than 50 attendees
Breakfast- virtually
Business After Hours- in person with no more than 50 attendees
Business After Hours- virtually
Social networking- in person with no more than 50 attendees (Fun After 5, Newcomers Night, unique events)
Social networking, virtually
Seminars- in person with no more than 15 attendees
Seminars- virtually
I will prefer to attend in person events held outside.
I prefer to attend events in person, not virtually, when it is safe.
What do you hope businesses and event hosts consider as Androscoggin County reopens?

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