2020 Business Survey
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As the Houston economy begins to reopen, the Asian Chamber would like to know how your business is doing and how we can help provide more resources for a fast road to recovery. Please take a short 12-question survey (Less than 2 minutes) to help better understand your business needs.
Required 1.
How satisfied are you about ACC during this COVID-19 period?
1- Very Disappointed 10 - Very Satisfied  
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Required 2.
Did you attend one of our ACC Webinars or Initiatives?  If so which ones? (May Select Multiple Answers)
SBA Loan Related
Industry Meet Ups
Congressional Town Hall
Resources in Reopening
Tax Benefits
Restaurant Listing
No I didn't attend any online events
Required 3.
What percentage have you fully resumed operations in your business?
Have not reopened business
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If you have not reopened, when do you plan to re-open?

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Required 5.
Did you have to lay off any employees? (if yes - what percent of your workforce?)

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Required 6.
Did you receive an SBA loan? (May Select Multiple Answers)
Yes - Paycheck Protection Program
Yes - Economic Injury Disaster Loan
No - Didn't get approved
No - I got a loan with other financial sources
No - I didn't apply
Required 7.
What was the amount of your loan? 
under $100,000
$100,000 - $250,000
$250,000 - $500,000
$500,000 and above
I didn't apply or get a loan
Required 8.
When do you project your business to return to pre-COVID19 level?
2020 - 3rd Quarter
2020 - 4th Quarter
2021 - 1st Half
2021 - 2nd Half
In 2022
in 2023 and beyond
Might shut down operations this year
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How can The Asian Chamber of Commerce help you to restore your business? What resources are you looking for?


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Required 10.

As the economy opens up, would you attend ACC in-person events? What factors would you consider in attending?


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Required 11.

What topics would be important to you as the Economy reopens? We want to focus our resources to your needs.

Marketing / Sales
Capital / Finance / Accounting
Human Resources / Employee Management
Restructuring / Merger and acquisition
Supply Chain
Technology / Cybersecurity
Family Business
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Optional: Please provide your contact information so we can keep in touch with you and better serve your needs with follow-up questions.

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