How Well Do You Know Your Business' Cyber Exposures?

Does your business retain physical or electronic records of employees or other third parties with any of the following?

Social Security Number
Driver's License Information
Tax identification numbers
Birth Dates
Medical/health records
Court records
Police records
Banking information (checking/savings accts)
Email addresses or home addresses
If you checked any of the above, your organization is in control of "Personally Identifiable Information," and therefore, required to protect that data subject to State and Federal privacy and data breach notification laws.

Does your business have employees? 

Fact: Most data breaches involve employee mistakes. They can lose a mobile device or paper records, or make costly errors such as opening an unauthorized email containing malware. Even theft of data occurs.


Does your business have an active website? 

Fact: Material posted electronically, or in written format, may lead to copyright or trademark infringement, or defamation litigation. If the website is transactional, additional exposures include possible hacking or disruption of your business data via denial of service attacks.

Does your business use mobile technology? (e.g. smartphones, tablets, laptops)?

Fact: Loss of mobile devices and the electronic content contained therein is one of the leading causes of data breaches today.*

Does your business accept credit card payments, other electronic payments or have online bill pay?

Fact: Almost 40% of all data stolen is credit card and other payment information.** This is a category of data that is highly desired by criminals for resale on the black market.

 *Ponemon Institute 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study
**NetDiligence Cyber Claims Study 2014
Does your business allow employees to use personal devices to connect to your network?

Fact: Personal devices may not have the same security software and other
connectivity procedures as company-provided devices. As a result, when these
personal devices are connected to your network, there may be a higher exposure
to virus or malware threats.

Does your business train employees on proper email use and other privacy

Fact: Employee negligence and/or errors are one of the top three contributors of
lost/stolen data.***

Does your business store your customers' corporate confidential information?

Fact: Companies face liability for failing to protect their customers' and business
partners' confidential information.

Does your business have access to online cyber risk management tools?

Fact: At V.F. McNeil Insurance, we have access to several insurance carriers who
can provide information portals to help your business successfully prevent and
respond to cyber events. Some items included are reference materials, news
updates and other tools, as well as access to breach coaches for consultations if
you have a data breach event.

***Ponemon Institute 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study
If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, your business has exposures which may lead to cyber-related crimes or law suits.

Can you afford to self-insure these exposures?

At V.F. McNeil, we understand the complexity of cyber threats and have solutions to help protect your business. Regardless of your business' size or industry, we can provide you with cyber insurance to fit your specific needs.
Submit a request today to speak with an insurance professional from V.F. McNeil Insurance.  We're happy to help you develop a good cyber security strategy for your business. 

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