Miraculous Medal Survey
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Fr. Skelly once wrote, "In such desperate times for France, was it possible that the Queen of Heaven would visit this earth three times simply to give a Medal? The Church delayed two years to investigate thoroughly the authenticity of these apparitions. Not until 1832 were the first Medals made. Then marvels began to multiply. So extraordinary were the favors received through the little Medal of the Immaculate Conception that it soon became known as the 'Miraculous' Medal." Before long, all the faithful in France were clamoring for it. Throughout the world today, people are still requesting this Medal and wearing it with faith and hope, especially during these tumultuous times.  

1. Why do you wear the Miraculous Medal?

Because our Blessed Mother designed it
As a reminder of the graces Mary promised to all who wear it
To remind me of our Blessed Mother's love for me
As a sign of my love for our Blessed Mother
To help me remember to ask Mary for help in difficult moments
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Have you been invested in the Miraculous Medal?

(If not, come to the Shrine and we will gladly do that for you!)

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