Dorm & Rooming Preferences Questionnaire
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To help us create cohort groups in the dormitories that will be manageable, effective, and enjoyable for you, we are asking all boarding students to fill out this Questionnaire regarding rooming preferences. Please complete it as soon as possible and we'll do our best to set you up according to your preferences. See you soon!
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Your first and last name:

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What is your hometown and country? 


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What is your grade level?
8th Grade
9th Grade (freshman)
10th Grade (sophomore)
11th Grade (junior)
12th Grade (senior)
Post Graduate
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Your number of years at The Storm King School:


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What languages do you speak fluently? 


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What are your special interests and hobbies?


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If you are a returning student, do you have a preference for which dormitory and floor you will live on?
Choose one or more of the options for either boys or girls, or choose 'I have no preference.' New students can choose 'I am new to SKS.'
Boys - McConnell Lower Floor
Boys - McConnell Middle Floor
Boys - McConnell Top Floor
Boys - Dempsey Lower Floor
Boys - Dempsey Upper Floor
Girls - Highmount Top Floor
Girls - Highmount Lower Floor
Girls - Cottage Lower Floor
Girls - Cottage Main Floor
Girls - Cottage Upper Floor
I have no preference
I am new to SKS

Is there a student(s) that you would prefer to share a room with? 

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Are there other SKS students that you would like to have within your cohort? Write their names below:

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Write your comments and any other important information here:


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