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The Building a Winning Plan training program is designed for Saskatchewan:

o Aspiring entrepreneurs (ideation stage),
o Start-up entrepreneurs (business plan & feasibility stage), and
o Developing entrepreneurs (pre-revenue & market entry stage)

who want to build an agricultural processing business plan. It is NOT designed for established companies already selling market products. Therefore, to ensure you are in the appropriate business stage and sector to register for this training, please submit your answers to the following questions. After you submit your answers, Ag-West Bio will inform you if you qualify for registration.

Required 1.

What stage best describes where you are at with your business:

I do not yet have a business idea; I hope this course will help me develop a good idea.
I have a business idea or concept, but I have not yet begun to develop a plan.
I am in the ideation stage; and in the process of determining the merits of my business idea.
I believe my idea is a good one, as demonstrated by the conversations I have had with those in the industry and other information I have gathered.
I have completed a business plan but want to gain more knowledge on how to improve it.
I have completed a business plan and have just recently entered the market, but with very limited revenue.
I am actively in the market earning revenue but want to learn how to grow my business and make it more profitable.
Required 2.

What activity best describes your idea or plan?

Fractionation, processing, and sale of plant ingredients
Dairy, poultry, and meat new product manufacturing
Pulse seed fractionation and processing into value-added ingredients
Oilseed crushing and grain fractionation into value-added ingredients
Fruit and berry processing into value-added ingredients
Fermentation, distillation and other wet processing into value-added ingredients
Manufacturing ingredients for the agricultural food, feed, and health markets
Required 3.

Please describe your idea or business concept in the space provided:


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Required 4.

Is your idea or plan based on an innovative technology, process, or product? 

*If YES, please describe.

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Required 5.

If you answered YES to the question above, what stage is the technology, process, or product at in its development?

Fundamental research
Proof of its concept in a lab, bench or other small-scale environment
Piloting and scale-up
Proof of commercial concept and proof of market level scale
Market proven
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Please enter the information indicated below.

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Registrants are required to become Ag-West Bio members. Please click here for more information on the benefits of becoming an AWB member.
The annual AWB membership cost is:
a. Corporate Membership under 50 employees: $350.00 CAD + GST
b. Individual Membership: $150.00 CAD + GST
c. Student: $50.00 CAD + GST
Required 7.

Do you agree that if accepted for training you will become an AWB member?