Welcome to the legislative process! We need your input and ideas as we define the priorities for the 2021 Legislative Session. Your voice matters to us, and we value your time and effort to be more involved in the process. 

Every year OkACTE creates a Legislative Agenda, which lists objectives for legislative action at the state level on issues that affect career and technical educational programs, students, initiatives, and employees. This document does not place priorities in order by importance, but rather ranks them in broader categories.
Your suggested priorities will be included and voted upon at the Legislative & Appropriations Forum on November 10th. Additional information about the forum will be emailed to all registered participants. Please be sure you've registered on our website: https://www.okacte.org/legislative-appropriations-forum. There is no cost to attend, but it is mandatory that an individual registration is submitted for the Legislative & Appropriations Forum. 

Please complete the following questions to submit your suggested priority.