We Need Your Feedback for Our Lunch & Learn Program
As you may or may not know, our Lunch & Learn program has been on a hiatus. As we look to the fall, please help us understand your appetite for Lunch & Learn sessions. 

We have prepared a short survey and would appreciate if you could take a few moments to fill it out so we can best serve our local organizations.


If we were to schedule some Lunch & Learn sessions this fall, what would be your preference on the format? 

(Please note that all Alberta Health Services guidelines for events would be followed).

I would prefer if sessions were online
I would prefer attending in person
I would be fine with either option
I am not interested in attending Lunch & Learns at this time
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If our Lunch & Learns were held in person, what would be your preference regarding food?

I would rather bring my own lunch and pay a smaller registration fee ($10-$15)
I would rather be provided with a boxed lunch and pay the same fee as previous ($20-$25)
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Which of the following potential Lunch & Learn topics would you, your staff or your organization members be interested in attending? Select all that apply.
*Please add any other topics you would like to see in 'other'.
Leadership Training
How To Boost Staff Productivity and Cut Absences
Must-Have Workplace Policies
Work-Life Balance
Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform For Staff
'Shameless Plugs'- local businesses/organisati-
ons can present to attendees
Introduction to Social Entreprise
Marketing Strategies
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Thank you for your time! We appreciate your input as we strive to produce valuable offerings and events for the business community.
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