Delaware Sustainable Chemistry Alliance Survey
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One of DESCA's areas of focus is to drive innovation and collaborative partnerships between major strategics, startups and universities, and to build an M&A pipeline. Domain experts are vital to this effort to help advise and connect startups and innovators. Any assistance - small or large - that you can provide as part of this network can be vital to our region's growth. Please let us know if you are willing to share a little of your time and expertise to help. The information provided in this questionnaire will remain confidential.
Required 1.
Where are you currently in your career?
Early career
Mid career
Seeking a change
Nearing retirement
Required 2.
What is your area of expertise? (select all that apply)
Process management
Project management
New product development & commercializaton
Strategic marketing & value proposition
Branding & communications
Product management
Manufacturing operations
Value chain management
Purchasing & supply chain
Finance & accounting
Legal - IP, patents, copyrights
Legal - contracts, agreements, JDA, licensing
Legal - business
Research & development
Mergers & acquisitions
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Required 3.
What is your industry expertise? (select all that apply)
Advanced Materials
ChemTech (digital technologies for chemical industries)
Electronics (IT, semiconductor)
Industrial Bioscience
Animal Health & Nutrition
Food/Food Tech
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Required 4.
What other areas would you be interested/willing to advise and assist startup in? (select all that apply)
Building and managing teams; leading vs managing; coaching vs telling; delegating
Successful hiring and firing
Determining equity stakes and options
Having hard conversations
Managing competing priorities; decision making; keeping options open
Problem solving
Building relationships with strategics
Articulating a value proposition; making & presenting a good pitch deck/presentation
Pricing products
Creating a go-to-market strategy; marketing vs sales
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Required 5.
Approximately how often do you prefer to volunteer for our organization?
A few times a week
Less than 2 hours a month
2-4 hours a month
4-6 hours a month
On specific projects
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Which of the following volunteer activities would you be interested in participating in? Please select all that apply.
Participating in TechConnect Workshops (<4 hours per month)
Participating in conferences (speaking or as a panelist)
Planning events (committee member)
DESCA Board participation
Startup Advisory Board participation
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