Boardsmanship - Debate & Discussion Survey
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Please take a moment to share your experiences with board debate and discussions. Your answers will be anonymous. Results of the survey will be shared with other trustees. The collective results will help share best practices and structure future trustee learning resources. 
Thank you for your participation.
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Select the response that most accurately describes your experience in board meetings when discussing an agenda item that requires a vote. Specifically board member to board member debate and discussion. Not questions directed to administration.

My board engages in frequent debates and discussions among board members (every meeting)
My board occasionally engages in debate or discussion among board members (some meetings)
My board rarely has much board member to board member discussion on agenda items (almost never)
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Select all of the answers below that describe what debate and discussion at your board meetings.
The discussions are tense and argumentative.
The discussion are predictably the same members on opposite sides
Members disagree and present opposing information in a positive manner
Members sometimes seem to stray from the topic during discussions
Most board members do not contribute to discussions
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Required 3.

Think about a time you ended up having an overly tense debate. What would you do differently if you could do it again? Please explain your answer in the comment section.

Use a different approach
Use different words
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Please add any questions, comments or best practices/strategies you've seen


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