We want your opinion. The City of San Diego owns the Park and Ride lot in the Scripps Gateway Center located at 12016 Scripps Poway Parkway adjacent to Yanni's Bar and Grill in Scripps Ranch. Mayor Faulconer proposed and is seeking city council approval to build 60 Permanent Supportive Housing residential units for homeless Veterans and seniors. The developer is the San Diego County Housing Commission who is now negotiating terms of the proposal. The underlying zoning allows residential units. See the August SRCA Newsletter article pages 12-13 for our efforts to proactively work with the Mayor since October 2019 (www.scrippsranch.org/newsletter/archives/2020/499-august-2020) and November 2020 SRCA President's Report.

This survey is seeking your input as to whether the Mayor, City Council and the San Diego Housing Commission should work with the community immediately to find a win-win solution as proposed by the adjacent property owners to have both the housing and keep Yanni's Bar and Grill in business. The solution is for ground level parking with housing above the parking.

There are 345 parking spaces in the retail center plus 120 parking spaces in the Park and Ride for commuters during the day and the retail center after 4 pm weekdays. There are no off-site parking alternatives. If the proposed housing removes the 120 parking spaces, it will dramatically and negatively affect Yanni's Bar & Grill's ability to continue as a viable restaurant and employ its 50 employees. The ongoing success of Yanni's Bar & Grill is based on the continual full historical utilization of the 120 parking spaces that was included in the Substantial Conformance Review approved by the City April 9, 2004 for the restaurant use.

Yanni's Bar & Grill fully supports Permanent Supportive Housing at this location. They are respectfully asking the city and housing commission to maintain the 120 parking spaces. A "doable solution" as Col. Dingeman would say.