2021-2022 Leadership North Fulton Application
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 Please identify one or two problematic issues facing North Fulton and offer possible solutions for addressing the challenge(s).


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 Have you previously taken the CliftonStrengths Assessment (formerly StrengthsFinder)? If so, please list your top 5 strengths. 


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Participation in LNF requires a commitment of time and energy. Candidates must be able to fulfill program requirements, including attendance at all program dates, working with a team to complete a community service project, and full payment of program fees.
The application period will run from January 6 through April 1, 2021.

2021-2022 Program Schedule:
Orientation: September 9th, 2021 (4pm-7pm)
Kick-off Retreat: September 30th- October 1 2021 (8am Thu-5pm Fri)
Class 1: October 21, 2021 (8am-5pm)
Class 2: November 18, 2021 (8am-5pm)
Class 3: December 9, 2021 (8am-5pm)
Class 4: January 20, 2022 (8am-5pm)
Class 5: February 17, 2022 (8am-5pm)
Class 6: March 24, 2022 (8am-5pm)
Class 7: April 21, 2022 (8am-5pm)
Class 8: May 19, 2022 (8am-5pm)
Graduation Luncheon: June 28, 2022 (11:30am-1pm)
*Dates subject to change

Program cost: $2,000 for members of Greater North Fulton Chamber; $2,500 for nonmembers.
Full program fee is due upon acceptance.