Virtual Team Performance Survey
At Virtual Team Builders we know the importance of effective communication in a virtual environment and more importantly, it's impact on the effectiveness of your team. Please take a moment and fill out this confidential survey. Your feedback will ensure we meet your unique training needs. 

What do you need to do to become a stronger virtual team? Please click those items which are critical to the success of your virtual team.  


What do you need to improve your Leadership in a Virtual World?

1. Better techniques to strengthen my teams connection
2. Better able to assess how productive my team is working
3. Improved methods for conducting virtual performance reviews
4. Improved techniques for delegating virtual work
5. Better strategies to manage virtual direct reports
6. Clearer accountability when working virtually
7. Better clarification of roles and responsibilities to help my team succeed
8. Better techniques to keep people in the loop
9. More strategic approaches to your communication
10. Greater understanding of how to lead a virtual team
11. Better techniques to keep your fingers on the emotional pulse of your virtual team
12. More strategies to keep your fingers on the task-related pulse of your virtual team
13. Stronger recognition of when conflict may be inflamed by technology
14. Better awareness when conflict is being easily masked
15. Increased knowledge of conflict management strategies
16. Improved methods to lead virtual teams through change
17. Better approaches to identify emergent leaders and influencers in a virtual environment
18. Better techniques to leverage technology-driven exchanges
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How might you Increase Engagement and Productivity?

1. Improved collaboration in and out of meetings
2. Improved techniques to engage participants during virtual meetings
3. Reduced multitasking in meetings
4. Clearer objectives for our team meetings
5. Improved methods to engage introverts and extroverts in virtual meetings
6. Reduce team members' feelings of isolation and disconnection
7. More inclusion when I am remote and the team is physically together
8. More strategies to communicate across a team instead of in silos
9. Better clarification of how to manage virtual expectations
10. Improved methods to build team cohesion
11. Better strategies to demonstrate credibility and reliability
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What would help you Optimize Virtual Connection and Resilience?  

1. More strategies to humanize each virtual interaction
2. Reduce feelings of isolation and disconnection
3. Better strategies to keep people connected
4. Better skills to help team members stay resilient
5. Tools for team members to better understand communication styles
6. Improved techniques to identify people's behavioral styles with only virtual cues
7. Improved techniques to adapt to people's behavioral styles
8. Improved techniques to reduce conflict
9. Techniques to build stronger relationships
10. Learn more methods to get back on track when falling behind on your goals
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How might you Enhance Your Online Learning Experience?

1. Better techniques to engage learners
2. More engaging virtual training sessions
3. More skills for designing impactful online learning
4. Improved interactivity for your online training programs
5. Build better engagement during virtual training
6. Improved debriefing skills
7. More techniques to manage difficult participants
8. Better techniques to encourage your learners to respond
9. Better strategies to encourage learners to apply what they have learned
10. More creative ways to take attendance
11. Less intimidating ways to introduce the technology
12. More "warm-up" activities to engage your audience as soon as they join the session
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What do you need to Bulletproof your Online Sessions with a Producer?

1. Better techniques to recover from technical issues
2. Better technical skills to support learners during your online events
3. Improved communication between learners and facilitators
4. Improved preparedness with a virtual management plan
5. Better understanding of your role before, during and after the session
6. More techniques to create a safe environment for learners regardless of their comfort with technology
7. More practical hands-on experience by acting as a Producer
8. Increased skill to take over the session if the facilitator experiences technology challenges
9. More techniques to support the facilitator and the learners
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What do you need to Take Control of Technology?

1. More familiarity with Webex functionalities
2. Build better engagement using the features in Webex
3. Improved ability to collaborate using Microsoft TEAMS
4. More skilled at setting up, managing settings and customizing TEAMS
5. More proficient at incorporating apps, bots, and connectors to add functionality
6. Better skilled at using TEAMS for training
7. Become more familiar using interactive features like the paired chat, breakout rooms and polling in Zoom
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