Atlanta Regional Housing Forum Survey
You are one of the roughly 1,000 participants during 2020 that have helped elevate the important role of the Atlanta Regional Housing Forum in educating and advocating around the complex of issues related to affordable housing. As we want to strengthen that vital role, we ask for your feedback on one question: What should our priorities be in 2021?
Given the interrelated and encompassing nature of "affordable housing", even categorizing and ranking a wide range of potential topics is difficult. Please rank, from 1 as highest to 10 lowest, this list of ten potential topics. If you wish, add your own in the space provided. We want to hear from you!

(1 = Most Important)
Funding sources: (1) identify NEW sources of funding, including repayment sources for the proposed City of Atlanta $100 million HOB; (2) unlocking surplus city-owned land for housing
Zoning Reform: (1) end exclusionary single-family zoning; (2) increase ADUs and overall density in high-growth areas; (3) facilitate apartments near transit stops; (4) revise current COA Inclusionary Zoning ordinance
Tenant and homeowner rights: enact legislative protections from unwarranted evictions and foreclosures
Technology and Innovation: (1) new building models (modular, Tiny Houses, PadSplit); (2) building system efficiencies-green building, energy efficiency/alternativ-
e energy, (3) building materials
Community Development: relationship of housing to education, health, transportation, access to jobs, and green spaces
Regional reports: affordable housing proposed policies and programs, developments, and issues of concern
Promote affordable housing in "areas of opportunity": (1) prohibit discrimination by on the basis of the form of rental payment (i.e., must accept "Section 8"); (2) encourage Atlanta Housing to disperse housing vouchers more broadly
Homelessness: promote Permanent Supportive Housing; revise the state QAP to incentivize more PSH
Single-family ownership: Addressing the wealth gap through affordable homeownership; creative options
Other - Add in comment section below.
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