Referee Engagement Centre Feedback Survey
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Thank you for registering for the Referee Engagement Centre and we hope you are enjoying it so far! With a few months since the official launch under our belt, we wanted to get everyone's feedback on the platform and see what we can do better to improve the system.  We appreciate you taking the time to fill out the questions below.  Your input is very important to us to help make the REC even better!


In which age group do you belong?

16-24 years old
25-39 years old
40-64 years old
65+ years old
Required 2.
What is your badge level? Please select all that apply. 
Indoor Level 1
Indoor Level 2
Indoor Level 3
Indoor Level 4
Indoor Level 5
Beach Level 1
Beach Level 2
Beach Level 3
Beach Level 4
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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, how long had you been certified as an OVA referee? 

2019-2020 was my first season.
2-3 years
4-6 years
7-9 years
10+ years
Required 4.

On what kind of device(s) do you access the Referee Engagement Centre?  Please select all that apply. 

Laptop/desktop computer
Required 5.

How often do you log on to the Referee Engagement Centre? 

Rarely - I've only used it once or twice
Sometimes - I log on once or twice a month
Often - I log on at least once a week
Always - I log on each time there is new content
Required 6.

How would you rate the following in terms of the content (videos, documents, resources, links, etc.) that are posted on the Referee Engagement Centre?

 Poor Satisfactory Good Excellent  
Content relevance to you as referee  
Quality of the content  
Required 7.
How would you rate the frequency and the amount of resources posted in the Referee Engagement Centre?
More would be great! The more the better!
The amount of content right now is good.
There is too much content and I can't keep up!
What are some topics and areas of refereeing you would like to see covered as part of your development?


350 characters left.

Which Referee Engagement Centre features do you get the most out of?  Please select all that apply.

Private Chat
The Forums
The E-activities
Ability to see and connect with other referees across the province
Documents (Guidelines, rulebooks, OVA protocols, etc.)
News Articles, Blogs & Website Links
Required 10.

How comfortable are you posting on the Referee Engagement Forum?

Very uncomfortable Somewhat uncomfortable Neutral Somewhat comfortable Very comfortable       

Who should be able to post in resources in the Referee Engagement Centre? Please select all that apply.  

All referees should have open access to post resources
Referees should be given permission to post on an individual basis through an application process
Members of the Ontario Provincial Referees Committee
OVA staff
Required 12.

Overall, how would you rate the Referee Engagement Centre as a learning and engagement platform for OVA referees?

Poor Satisfactory Good Excellent        
Please provide any other feedback or suggestions for the Referee Engagement Centre that you feel would help us make the system even better to help develop you as a referee in Ontario.

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