Looking forward to having you as a member of the Personal Wine Club. 
Here are the perks:
We want you to get wine you love, so by doing our survey we can avoid the wine that isn't to your liking.
We will send you tasting notes and we will give food pairing recommendations each month.
You get 5% off everything in the retail store at 5th & Wine and Vintage Sellers. (Fifth & Wine has 2 Double Discount Months a Year)
You will get exclusive Wine Club Deals on wine, before anyone else.
Any bottle from the retail side can be enjoyed in the restaurant with no corking fee!
Wine club members get into tastings, events and virtual events at a discount.

Here is how it works:
You fill out the survey.  
We pick out your wine.
You pick it up on the 15th of the month.  
The first time that you pick up we will ask for a credit card to be on file for the monthly subscription.

What you need to know:
You can change your preferences anytime, whether your tastes have changed or the you want to change with the weather. 
You are not locked in, you can stop receiving wine anytime.