Call for Proposals: 2021 SEACAA Annual Conference
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SEACAA appreciates your interest in facilitating a workshop at the 2021 SEACAA Annual Conference. The information you provide below will be used to determine whether your proposed workshop meets the required guidelines and aligns with our vision for the 2021 conference. Please read and complete this form in its entirety to confirm all details and possible provisions needed for your proposed presentation. Please submit all information by Monday, June 14, 2021.  You will be notified via email regarding your proposal decision by June 28, 2021. Thank you for your interest in helping to strengthen the Southeast's Community Action network as we work to increase the capacity of our agencies across the region.
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Name of presenter:

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Name of presenter agency or organization:

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Title of presenter (program coordinator, executive director, etc.):

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Presenter mailing address: 

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Presenter telephone:


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Name of co-presenter 1: 


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Name of co-presenter 1 agency or organization.


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Title of co-presenter 1 (program coordinator, executive director, etc.):

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Co-presenter 1 mailing address:


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Co-presenter 1 email address:

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Name of co-presenter 2:


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Name of co-presenter 2 agency or organization.


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Session/Workshop Title:


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Session/Workshop Abstract (60 words max


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Session Description: (500 words max)

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Learning Outcomes: (50 words max)

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Brief Bio: (120 words max)

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Presenter Photos: 

Please email an electronic copy of presenter's and co-presenter's head shot photo within one week from submission date to:

*Please respond YES below to acknowledge that you have read and understood this statement regarding presenter photos.

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Mode of transportation for arrival and departure. 

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I plan to arrive at the Conference on:
Please provide date of arrival along with an approximate time of arrival. 

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I will bring my own laptop computer for my workshop:

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I am presenting on a:

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Laptop Computers and Internet:
Computers and internet are NOT provided in meeting rooms. If you are presenting a session that requires the use of a computer, you must supply your own laptop computer or equivalent. Mac users are required to bring their own adaptor cords. Internet connections can be ordered at your expense.
I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Laptop Computers and Internet statement, and I do not need internet connection for my presentation.
I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Laptop Computers and Internet statement, and I will require internet connection for my presentation ordered at my own expense.
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Standard set-up in all rooms:
1 screen
Power package= table and computer cords
Room set up: No particular room set-up is guaranteed. All rooms will be set to provide social distancing for a limited number of participants and the presenter.
Please note in the "comments" section below if you require presentation equipment not listed above, for example: 

LCD projector (*Limited number of LCD projectors available on a first-come, first-served basis. You are encouraged to bring your own for your convenience.

Flip chart and markers


Other (please specify):

1) There is a limited number of presentation equipment available, please note that all additional requests may result in additional costs to the presenter.
2) If requesting an LCD Projector, you must provide your own laptop.
3) On-site audiovisual requests are not accepted.
I do not require any additional equipment or materials
I do require additional equipment and/or materials listed below:
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If your proposal is selected, you will be expected to check-in at the Conference Registration Desk at least 30-minutes prior to your session(s). Staff will be available to assist you with any of your needs.

Forum and Audience 
Your target audience will consist of SEACAA Executive Directors, Administrators, Staff, Board members and nonprofit leaders from across the eight-state region who are dedicated to poverty alleviation. For more information about SEACAA visit:

In addition to plenary sessions, the conference committee is intent on providing concurrent workshops and symposia for the novice (new to the field), intermediate (some years of experience and skills) and experienced/advanced audience. A number of sessions are geared to all audiences as well. Several different forums are available to fit a variety of topics. 

Preconference sessions provide the opportunity for in-depth professional development for participants and may target specific audiences. New, in-depth, and innovative submissions are encouraged for pre-conference sessions. Time slots include a 4-hour, half day session, and 8-hour, full-day

Presentation Cost: (*Gratis presentations will be given priority. If honorarium or fee-based, please use comment section to include arrangement or cost)

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Required 36.
Presenter Acknowledgement:
I understand my presentation should be educational and informative in nature and my participation as a speaker at the SEACAA 2021 Annual Conference is not an open forum for me to make a "sales pitch" about my company or product. Conference Management and attendees may evaluate my performance. I understand that SEACAA may use my name, likeness and presentation materials for publicizing and posting on the website for the benefit of the membership.

*please state YES below to acknowledge that you have read and understood the above statement.

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If you have any questions, please contact Nafia Speach: Tel: (919) 790-5757.