We have door hangers and postcards - Please help us distribute them
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Hi there, we'd love your help distributing door hangers AND POSTCARDS in the Portland Metro area. The more you distribute around you the more awareness you'll raise - and potentially - the quieter your neighborhood will become. So, we suggest you reach for the stars - think about who you will enlist in your neighborhood to help you distribute the door hangers AND POSTCARDS and plan for that. We'll need a little information from you to get them to you. Thanks for your assistance. 

Albert Kaufman, http://qcpdx.org 
We'd like at least your first name, email address and phone number, please. These will be used to reach out to you before we bring the items to you. Thanks for this info. 

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We have 10,000 door hangers and 5,000 postcards to distribute. How many of which would you like? 


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Is there anything else you want to share about how you'll distribute these? 

Also - if you live outside the area - we made these without our logo for that purpose. Feel free to download and use these images in any way you like. It's very inexpensive to mail these to all the apartment buildings around you. And Corporate parks. And your neighbors.


Door hangers cannot go in mailboxes

Your thoughts are welcome! 

Thank you for your assistance. 


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