Application Form-2021 Scholarship Program For Under-Funded Buyer-Facilities
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Application Form:  Scholarship Program For Under-Funded Pharmacy Attendee-Facilities, To Attend the 24th Annual 2021 NPPA Conference
We are happy to announce this year's opening to the 24th Annual 2021 NPPA (National Pharmacy Purchasing Association) Conference's Scholarship Program for Under-Funded Pharmacy Attendee-Facilities.  The program was instituted in 2006.  The Program is funded by vendor sponsors and NPPA.  It was started to help Pharmacy Buyers whose facilities will not pay for or reimburse, their registration fee and/or hotel room costs to attend educational conferences.  

Eligibility:  Applicants must work within a Pharmacy Department in a hospital/medical center in order to qualify.  Also note: if you were a previous year's Scholarship Awardee but were a no-show at the Conference (without informing us of your cancellation beforehand), your application will not be considered again.
The maximum allowed Scholarship award per person, is:  1 Attendee Registration Fee to the 2021 NPPA Conference and 4 full Hotel Room Nights (including Resort Fee & Room Taxes). Your room must be booked under our "NPPA 2021" Group Room Block at Bally's Hotel Las Vegas.
NPPA's Group Room Rate is being held for $45/night and $35/night Resort Fee plus room taxes, until it expires after July 14, 2021 (at which time, we cannot guarantee the hotel will still honor that rate).
You must complete all required and applicable questions below to qualify.
Once you've completed & submitted your application, NPPA will closely review it all.  If your application is incomplete or not clear in some way, NPPA will send you an email notice with a request to complete the missing questions or to further clarify.  If you do not respond, your application may be forfeited, so be sure to complete all applicable questions in full from the start, especially the required/mandatory ones.  

If you are awarded a Scholarship, you will receive an email notice of your Award (and if we don't hear back in reply from you within a few days, we will follow up with a phone call).  Then to officially accept your Award, you must provide a deposit of $50 by credit card or check to NPPA by a certain date as will be listed in your Award Notice details; along with your basic initial reply to the Award Notice email, stating your commitment to attend.  Your provided deposit will not be charged or deposited unless you cancel after you've accepted your award. 
Applications will be accepted now through June 14 (which may be extended at that time if there are more funds to give than applicants).  

Please be aware that the approval process can take a long time for NPPA to review all applications and make the award determinations, after the application deadline closes.

NPPA Group Hotel Room Reservations & Information

Due to the late opening of this year's event, we highly encourage all Scholarship Applicants serious about attending, to reserve your room in advance, before you hear about the status of your Scholarship.  Although Bally's charges a first night's deposit up-front upon booking, it is fully refundable up to 72 hours before the date of your first night's stay.

To more information & details, visit NPPA's Hotel Reservation & Info Page
Hotel Reimbursement for Awardees, Post-Conference 

All Awardees are responsible for making their own reservations with Bally's Hotel under the "2021 NPPA Group Room Block" (see details & links above), and paying for all room nights up-front.  

Then, at the end of the Conference, Scholarship Awardees will submit their hotel bill to NPPA for reimbursement by check (to be reimbursed for their specific hotel award amount as indicated in their official Scholarship Acceptance Notice email).  
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What is the Name of your Facility's Health System (if applicable & separate from your Facility Name)?

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First Name for Conference Attendee Name Badge (if different than above listed name).


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List any Professional Designations you may have (such as CPhT or others).


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Required 5.
Which company represents your facility as its GPO (Group Purchasing Organization)?  Note: this is only to allow you to attend one of the below participating GPO's Breakout Session at the NPPA Conference (not related to application eligibility).
Required 6.
Who is your Primary or Secondary Wholesaler, from the 3 listed below?  Note: this is only to allow you to attend one of the below participating Wholesalers' Breakout Session at the NPPA Conference (not related to application eligibility).

Cardinal Health
Required 7.
How many Years (or Months), have you been a Pharmacy Buyer?


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Required 8.
Are you a current NPPA member, and if so, for how long?
Not a member, but I am interested; please send me information
Not a current member & not interested
Yes, for 1 year or less
Yes, for 2-4 years
Yes, for 5-7 years
Yes, for 8-10 years
Yes, for 11-14 years
Yes, more than 14 years
Required 9.
If you are NOT a current NPPA member, how did you hear about us? (Check all that apply.)
Marketing materials sent by NPPA
From my GPO representative
From a Vendor/Drug Company representative
From a colleague in Pharmacy (if so, please state their name in below question)
I used to be an NPPA member but have since expired
If you were referred to us by a colleague in Pharmacy as above, please give us their name and facility, so we may credit them with a referral.

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Required 11.
Approximately how many NPPA Conferences have you attended (0-20)?  
Please use numbers only.


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Required 12.
If you attended the NPPA Conference in the past (as in the above question), how many of those times did you receive a Scholarship Program Award from NPPA?
I was awarded for 1 previous year
I was awarded for 2 previous years
I was awarded for 3 or more previous years
I have NEVER received a Scholarship Award
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Required 13.
REQUIRED: My facility either PAYS or REIMBURSES for my education with the following (be sure to check all your facility DOES pay/reimburse).
Registration Fee
Hotel Room (for all or some of the nights)
Paid Time-Off (not Vacation or personal time-off)
My Facility does NOT Pay or Reimburse ANY of expenses listed
If there are any other significant expenses in addition to the above, that you incur while traveling to this conference (such as day care expenses for children or other), please state the cost and type here).


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Required 15.
Number of Beds in your Facility?


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Required 16.
If you are a current NPPA member, does your facility pay or reimburse for it?
Required 17.
Explain how the NPPA Conference and/or membership to NPPA has benefitted you.

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Required 18.
Besides the above, list other reasons we should consider you a candidate for this Scholarship.


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Required 19.
REQUIRED: provide either your Annual Salary or your Hourly Rate of Pay (NOT including any additional for overtime, bonuses, or special projects).


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Required 20.
REQUIRED:  how many hours a week do you normally work and for which your base salary includes?


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Required 21.
REQUIRED:  check the type of Scholarship Award you are requesting (choose one).

Registration Fee
4 Hotel Nights at Bally's Hotel Las Vegas (not including incidentals)
Registration Fee & 4 Hotel Nights (not including incidentals)
Required 22.
I agree to allow some of my answers to the questions in this application, to be used by NPPA/Summerdale Enterprises Inc., for promotional & marketing purposes.  Specific information, such as salary-will NEVER be used, being held in the strictest confidentiality.

Required 23.
I agree to allow my information to be shared with the vendor sponsors of this Scholarship, who may add my contact information to their marketing lists.  
(Optional-this will not affect the determination of your eligibility.)
Required 24.
I certify to the truth of all statements on this application, subject to a revocation of any funds as well as possible eligibility in future years, provided if it is determined that my employer or any other company reimburses me for such funds.