First Presbyterian Church Call for Nominees 2021

Elders Currently Serving:

Elder Class of 2021: Alison Barat, Troy Bleeker, Maralyn Foote, Sarah Hinton,George Lebo, Heather Mears, Sandra Olinger, Rick Smith
Elder Class of 2022:
Mary Jo Deichler, Carol Israel, Earle Pickens, John Rayl, Tim Schubert, Allison VanDenend, Cyndie Williams (one seat open) 
Elder Class of 2023:
Pam Bailey, Todd Best, Deanna Cook, Andy Greer, Missy Lentz, Russell Robinson, Margaret Weech (one seat open) 
I nominate _____________________________ as an Elder.
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Deacons Currently Serving:

Deacon Class of 2021:
Tammy Bleeker, Heather Gilkey, Kristin Pickens, Mary Lou Schubert, Nick Vellis (one seat open) 
Deacon Class of 2022: Dell Bowman, Megan Greer, Fred Lewis, Jane Morris, Rose Pickens, Barbara Probert
Deacon Class of 2023:
Jessica Berger, Perry Foote, Dean Schoenfeld, Jane Smith, Dale Syfert (one seat open) 
I nominate ___________________________ as a Deacon. 
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Trustees are responsible for managing church property, buying and selling church property, and executing deeds and managing memorial gifts and endowment funds. 

Trustees Currently Serving: 

Trustee Class of 2021
Bob Lentz and Truitt Oliver
Trustee Class of 2022: Geoff Spiegel and Margaret Weech
Trustee Class of 2023: Penny Jones and Dick Rauber
I nominate ___________________________for Trustee Class of 2024. 
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The duties of the Congregational Nominating Committee are to present a slate of candidates to the congregation for Elders, Deacons, Trustees, and the Congregational Nominating Committee.

Current Congregational Nominating Committee (CNC): Lorraine Barber, John Carswell, Megan Conerly, Deanna Cook, Kathy Counts, Pam Patton, Mary Lou Schubert, John Rayl-Chair
I nominate ________________________________for Congregational Nominating Committee, Class of 2022.
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