Dear Respondent,

Welcome to the inaugural CANTO Women in ICT survey, spearheaded by the CANTO Women in ICT Committee. Through this survey, we hope, for the first time, to establish a baseline of women in ICT within CANTO's membership and ICT Ministries. The intent is to use the information gathered to track the number of women in ICT within our membership and influence plans, outreach initiatives of the Committee and wider regional policies. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this critical endeavor.

Taking the survey:
1. All information provided is optional and will be used solely for this survey and its promotion.
2. The data collected from the survey will be aggregated. We will not publish individual responses unless permission is given to do so.
3. This survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete. Please attempt to answer all questions below.
4. The survey should be completed by one member of each company/Ministry, on behalf of the entire organization. If you are a part of a multi-national company, the survey should be completed by one member of each country within that organization.

                             CANTO WOMEN IN ICT SURVEY - 2021