Park Vista HS Principal Search Survey
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What is your current role at the school?

Administrative Staff
Community Member
Support Staff
Business Partner
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The District of Palm Beach Schools believes school leaders should model the following leadership characteristics. Please rank these competencies based on the needs of your students, staff, and community. (1= lowest, 5=highest)

(1 = Lowest)
Data Driven Focus on Student Achievement: Establishes clear, measurable goals, monitors progress for individual and overall student achievement, and practices are in place to help all students meet their goals
Continuous Improvement of Instruction: Delivers a clear vision on instruction; supports teachers, understands instructional practices, provides multiple opportunities for professional development
Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum: Adheres to state and district curriculum standards and a focused curriculum that allows students to learning critical content
Cooperation & Collaboration: Encourages teachers to discuss effective practices, involving them in the decision-making process on school issues and functions while promoting student, parent and community feedback
School Climate: Earns the trust of students, staff, and community by ensuring a safe environment that is focused on student achievement and celebrating success
Required 3.
What do you believe are the 3 most important aspects about this school that a new principal needs to understand to be effective?

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