Pacific Horticulture Content Committee Self Nomination Form
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The members of Pacific Horticulture's Committees have a personal commitment to the organizational mission, vision, and diversity statement.   
Mission and Vision

Our mission is to advocate for the garden and its power to enrich lives and heal the environment.  

We envision a resilient world dependent on the thoughtful cultivation of plants. 
Diversity Statement
Pacific Horticulture is committed to creating an inclusive, equity-based, community-focused organization that is committed to the health and conservation of both human communities and the environment.

We recognize that including, collaborating with, and lifting up all voices in the Pacific Horticulture community requires a focused awareness, which will take time to achieve. By committing to be humble and persistent, Pacific Horticulture strives to inspire environmental stewardship and improve human health by the promotion and implementation of fair, equal, and power-balanced leadership practices.

We believe that a diverse blend of perspectives, ideas, and viewpoints are essential to building a resilient world dependent on the thoughtful cultivation of plants.
Please briefly describe why these statements are meaningful to you personally: 


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Please briefly describe your areas of knowledge or personal connections to sources of content in any of the following areas: 

- Home  
- Garden design trends and plant profiles, multi-generational gardening, gardening for wildlife and pollinators, food gardening, and houseplants. 
- Local  
- Climate resilient landscapes (reducing water, summer-dry, fire-prone), community and urban agriculture gardens, native plants, wildlife corridors, and cultural practices and indigenous knowledge. 
- Regional/World  
- Science, biodiversity, plant conservation, soil health, sustainable garden design, permaculture and innovative practices, invasive species, landscape management, public spaces, sustainable development, horticulture therapy/Nature Rx, public, and international gardens. 


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