Durango MidTown Developer Questionnaire
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The Durango Renewal Partnership (URA) is collaborating with the La Plata Economic Development Alliance and Downtown Colorado, Inc. to share information with prospective partners about existing and forthcoming development opportunities. If you missed the Durango Development Opportunities Forum, you can view the recording here.

This partnership has created a Questionnaire to better understand the priorities and interests of the community as well as developers. This Questionnaire is a chance to share feedback about how the community can effectively facilitate development and redevelopment in priority areas.

After you fill in the questionnaire below, the Durango Renewal Partnership will reach out to further discuss opportunities and make sure you get additional information as it becomes available!
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What can the Durango Renewal Partnership do to support current property and business owners? (Please elaborate)


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Do you have any concerns or questions about the Durango Renewal Partnership's approach to development that was explained during the webinar? (Please elaborate)


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On a scale of 1-5, how supportive are you of the Durango Renewal Partnership's approach to development? 

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Are there any recently completed projects in Durango that you think are good models for future development? (Please identify and explain why)


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What other areas of the community, besides MidTown, should be considered as high priorities for urban renewal incentives? 

(1 = Most)
North Main
Camino del Rio
Highway 3/Sawmill
Durango Mall Area
Northeast Durango
Hwy 160 West
College & 8th Corridors
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Do you have any suggestions or comments to provide to the Durango Renewal Partnership?


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Are you a developer or or consultant working in the development field