Call for Presenters for GBENN 2021 Virtual Summit
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We are seeking proposals for session presentations for the Virtual Green Business Engagement National Network (GBENN) Summit on September 8-10, 2021 from 11am - 2pm CT daily.

The Virtual GBENN Summit is an event for networking and sharing opportunities for green business engagement programs on a variety of green business program topics. Past attendees have traditionally been entities that work with businesses to incorporate sustainable or green practices or products, such as state and local agencies, nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations, or suppliers. The Summit is not intended to be a forum for owners or managers of individual businesses. 

Please use this application form to submit your virtual Summit session idea. Use one application for each topic that you are proposing. The submission deadline is Friday, June 26, 2021 at at 11:59PM (Eastern).

If your proposal is not chosen for the 2021 Summit, it will be considered for a webinar topic after the event. More information about the Summit can be found at our event webpage.

Send any questions regarding the submission process and the Call for Presentations to  
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Please identify the topic that you are submitting a presentation proposal for.  If you are proposing more than one (1) session proposal, please submit each topic in a separate application.  
Technology for Managing Green Business Programs
Building Standards for Green Business Programs
Collecting and Managing Sustainability Metrics
Sustaining Business Engagement in Green Business Programs
How to Recruit Business Participants
Maintaining Funding for Green Business Programming
Marketing Green Business Programs and Businesses
Sustainability in specific sectors (grocery stores, airports, hospitals, etc.)
Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in Green Business Programming
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I am submitting more than one session proposal application. 

(If yes, please identify other topic(s) in the comments section.)

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Please provide your professional experience with the topic and presentation history. 

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Use this space for comments, any additional information that you wish to provide regarding your presentation, or new ideas for sessions or program format.


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Upload your biography including name, title, and organization.  (Please limit your bio to 140 words to be used in conference publications).



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Are you willing to make your presentation or information public on the GBENN webpage? (This is required if you are chosen to present)

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Please identify your anticipated virtual session needs if chosen to present. Please let us know if you will have a video, need sound, have virtual activities, etc. We also ask that each speaker send their presentations to the Summit organizers in advance.

Virtual activities
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Please provide your contact information so that we may contact you regarding your session proposal.

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