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Autism is a journey.
Journeys are adventures.
Adventures are stories.

Just because COVID has us cooped up, doesn't mean we shouldn't continue to explore and grow. This year, we wish to turn our attention to what lies ahead - the adventures we have yet to take. We may not feel like we can go far geographically, but we do have far to go as we grow up with autism. Far to go to unlock potential, possibilities and dreams. This is what adventure is made of - getting out of our comfort zones, testing our limits, challenging boundaries. AutismUp aspires to bring all of our families along as we journey to discover all the ways we can move onward, and upward!

Let's embark on this journey, together. You are not alone. AutismUp has built pathways for families growing up with autism, and we encourage you to follow them and help us build new pathways along the way.  Stories from you -  our members, families, staff, supporters and more - about your own growing adventures will help to inspire and support others on their autism journey! We love to learn from one another and your experience could be an AUsome profile feature to help someone.

Get started by sharing a story, experience or advice.  The floor is yours.  Write as much or as little as you care to share.  Some topics follow should you need a little inspiration!  Thank you for being a part of our circle of support and the AutismUp family.

***Every topic is optional.  They are just to get you thinking!  Respond to what speaks to you.  Thank you for your time and input!

LEAD THE WAY: Share something you've learned on your autism journey that will guide others living with autism on their journey.   


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Our parent message board is active 24/7 and has provided 10 years of support and discussion through thousands of posts.  Tell us about the most helpful piece of advice you received from another autism parent. 


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Everyone starts their autism journey somewhere.  Can you tell us about how you got started and how AutismUp has helped you navigate your way? 


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What's on your bucket list of things to do to for yourself and/or your loved one with autism? 


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When things get tough, and you're feeling lost, how has your autism family helped you find your way? 


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Funniest autism story (because sometimes we just have to laugh - it beats crying).  You know, the one that we can all relate to.  ; ) Go! 


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The time you found something new and exciting for your loved one with autism. 


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The time you discovered you weren't alone in your journey. 


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The time you felt like you found your tribe. 


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The time your child told you about a new friend from AutismUp. 


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The time you found a safe, supported activity that worked for your child/family because it was designed with your unique needs in mind.  


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The time your friends and family asked "How can we help?" and you had an answer! 


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Please share anything that may be helpful here. 


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Can we share this?  Can we contact you? 

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