April 2021 Giveaway Entry Form
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Please complete the short survey below to be entered into our free sweepstakes. Winners will receive a "Summer Reading for Grown-Ups" Gift Basket, including a summer reading tote bag, selection of popular fiction and nonfiction books, and other book and library-related swag! One lucky winner will be chosen at random on the morning of Monday, June 21st, 2021. Prizes must be claimed in person at the Secaucus Public Library with valid ID. Must be 21 or older to win. 
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I am:
(Please check all that apply.)
A resident of Secaucus
A Secaucus Public Library cardholder
Not a Secaucus resident, but I have visited the Secaucus Public Library in person in the last 2 years.
Not a Secaucus resident, but I use the library's digital services and programs.
Required 2.
Including curbside pick-ups, the library I've visited the most in the past six months is:
The main Secaucus Public Library building at 1379 Paterson Plank Road
The Katherine Steffens Annex at XChange- 1007 Riverside Station Blvd
Other Hudson County Library
Other BCCLS Library
I have not used in-person services in the past six months.
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Required 3.
Which of the following are you most likely to use the library for over the next six months?
Browsing our adult fiction and nonfiction collection
Browsing our children's or YA collections
Downloading Ebooks
Downloading Audiobooks
Borrowing DVDs or CDs
Borrowing items from other libraries via Interlibrary Loan
Using a computer
Using a copy machine or fax machine
Accessing free WiFi with your own laptop, iPad or other device
Using private study rooms or other workspaces (as they reopen)
Attending storytimes and other children's programs
Attending cultural and entertainment events (concerts, art classes, lectures, etc.)
Attending adult educational classes (ESL, Citizenship Classes, Job Skills Classes, Computer Workshops, etc.)
Viewing or participating in online or virtual programs
Borrowing Museum Passes
Doing research with or without the assistance of library staff.
No plans to use the library over the next six months.
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Required 4.
What types of books do you prefer to read? Please use the comments box if your favorite genre isn't on our list or if you would like to make a specific recommendation. 
Literary Fiction
General Nonfiction
Current Events
Graphic Novels
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