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The Region VII Head Start Association is seeking presenters for the 2021 Leadership Conference!
Based on relaxed CDC guidelines, the continued decline of active CoVid cases across Region 7, and the ongoing increase in the number of administered vaccinations, R7HSA is excited to announce we are planning to bring the Head Start community back together after  1 ½ years of working in isolation!

The 2021 annual event, scheduled for November 1-4, 2021, may look a little different, however, the climate and opportunity to engage with colleagues and peers in professional development and networking opportunities will outweigh any safety measures deemed necessary at the time of the event.
The 2021 conference will be held at the beautiful Sheraton Hotel and Overland Park Conference Center located in Overland Park, Kansas.

Conference attendees include Program Governance Leadership, Head Start & Early Head Start program executive directors, program directors, senior level managers, center site managers, front-line staff, specialists, and community partners. Workshop content and instruction is focused on supporting programs with continuous quality improvement by increasing the participants' knowledge and capacity in a particular area. Presentations should be inspiring, hands on, interactive, creative, dynamic, and feature best practices in Head Start.  

Thank you for your consideration in submitting a proposal and supporting R7HSA in the mission of "Building Opportunities for Leadership Development" (BOLD) across Region 7
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Topics for Consideration:
Building Opportunities for Leadership Development

* Trauma-informed Care: Addressing Mental Health Issues
* Facilities-Safe & Healthy Learning Environments
* Data & Ongoing Monitoring - Risk Management
* A Look at Community Support & Responsiveness
* Assisting Families in Identifying Resources, i.e., the American Rescue Plan
* Head Start Approach to School Readiness
* Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness
* Anti-bias Teaching & Learning Environments
* Early Head Start - Child Care Partnerships
* Emergency Preparedness and Recovery-Post CoVid
* Coaching-Building Staff Capacity 
* Fiscal-Grants-Management
* Human Resources: A Focus on Staff Recruitment & Retention
* Advancing Staff Professional Development
* Embracing & Implementing Change

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Please indicate type/format of your session:
Keynote: 45-60 minutes (all attendees)
Pre-Conference-Half day (120-180 min) session (afternoon of 11.01.21)
Post-Conference - Half or Full day session (11.05.2021)
Regular conference workshop session (90 minutes)
Extended conference workshop session (180 minutes)
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Can this session be offered virtually in the event the conference has to move to a virtual platform due to health concerns and a change in CDC guidelines/restrictions for face to face events?


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Presentation description: Please provide an overview of your presentation or workshop as you would want it displayed in the event program. Include 2-3 measurable outcomes a participant will gain from attending this session. *R7HSA reserves the right to edit verbiage.

You may also send additional information, such as links to recorded video of your presentation or workshop, to


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Please indicate the language that will be used for the presentation:

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Please indicate the target audience for this session/workshop: 
Executive Director, Program Director / Program Management
Education Staff-Center-Home-Bas-
Facilities / Operations
Health, Mental Health, Nutrition, Disabilities
Fiscal Staff/Chief Financial Officer
Family Engagement-ERSEA
Community Partner
Policy Council/ Governing Body Member
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Are you available to repeat this session/workshop during the course of the conference?

Yes - any other day
Yes - ONLY on same day
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Workshop/Session Room Set-Up:
The default set-up for KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS is crescent round table seating. Raised platform/stage with podium.

Set-up for BREAKOUT SESSIONS will be determined at the time of the event based on CDC guidelines and as deemed appropriate by hotel management and the R7HSA Board of Directors. A presenter resource table and podium will be provided. Capacity & safety measures will follow CDC guidelines.

The following Audio-Visual equipment will be provided:

*Laptops will NOT be provided.
*If using a MAC computer, please bring supporting projector cables/adapters

If your session requires a different set-up, please describe below.

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R7HSA is a not-for-profit professional development association and does not award honorariums for workshop presenters unless otherwise contracted.
Preference will be given to organizations who require no presenter fee or travel reimbursement for the opportunity to gain valuable experience, increased recognition as a trainer, and a forum to network with 350-400 (# based on CDC guidelines) Head Start representatives from across the four-state region. 

Please indicate your financial requirements below:
Travel Reimbursement Only (coach airfare, ground transportation and overnight accommodations)
Presenter Fee (please indicate total cost below)
Presenter Fee PLUS Travel Reimbursement (please indicate total cost below)
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Comments or Special Requests:

 Please indicate any special requests regarding this submission, ADA accommodations, etc. 


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If you need to print your submission, do so BEFORE you hit "FINISH". 
You will NOT have access to your submission after you hit "FINISH".  

Submission Deadline:  July 31, 2021.  The R7HSA Professional Development Committee serves as the review panel for all submissions. Proposals will be evaluated and notification of proposal acceptance will be made on or before September 1st. 

Presentation materials provided by presenters will be shared with attendees before, during and after the event via Presenters are responsible for providing hard copies of workshop handouts if needed. 

We sincerely appreciate your interest in presenting at the 2021 Region VII Head Start Leadership Conference.

Questions? Contact: Donna Veatch, R7HSA Director of Executive Services
Email:  Phone: 816-718-2260
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If selected as a presenter(s) do all parties as listed in this submission agree that their picture and bio can be used on social media platforms and in event marketing materials leading up to, during and post the event, as well as be posted in an upcoming publication of the Region VII Head Start Sand Box Magazine?
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