2021 Summer Reading Club Customer Survey
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What do you think about our Summer Reading Club? Please be honest! Your answers will help us to improve for next year. Thank you!
Required 1.

How did you participate? (check all that apply)

Attended outdoor programs
Picked up take-home activities
Participated in the reading challenge
Required 2.

Which age groups participated? (check all that apply)

Age 0-5
Age 6-11
Age 12-18
Required 3.

Why did you participate? (check all that apply)

Did it last summer
To encourage more reading and learning over the summer
Free programs
Required 4.

Because of the Summer Reading Program... (check all that apply)

I/We are more confident readers.
I/We read more often.
I/We visit the library more often.
I/We spend more time talking about books.

What was your favorite part of the Summer Reading Program?


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What could we do better?


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Required 7.

How did you learn about the Summer Reading Program?

Library Staff
Visit to your school
Library Website
Email from the library
Social Media
Community Event