2021 VMA Membership Survey
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The Virginia Manufacturers Association is committed to the continuous improvement of our services in order to best serve the manufacturing sector and our member companies. Please help us by completing the 2021 membership survey. Your participation is essential to helping us understand your company's needs.


All responses are strictly confidential and will not be disclosed.
How valuable do you find each of the following membership resources? 
 1 - Not at all valuable 2 - Somewhat valuable 3 - Neutral 4 - Valuable 5 - Very valuable 
Government Affairs
Member Benefits & Discount Services
Events, Professional Development and Webinars
Committees and Councils
VMA Insurance Services
Networking & Supply Chain Development
MSI Workforce Solutions and Training Certificates/Certific-
Women in Manufacturing (WiM) Programs
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Please rate your agreement with each of the following aspects of your membership.
 1 - Strongly disagree 2 - Somewhat disagree 3 - Neutral 4 - Agree 5 - Strongly agree 
I am getting good value for the cost of membership
I am consistently getting useful information
Participating in VMA events and professional development is worth my time
The VMA staff is a good resource for me and my company
VMA is attuned to the issues most important to my company
My company is satisfied with its overall membership experience
My availability is a barrier to participating in VMA events and committees
I would help the VMA recruit a new member to the membership
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Would you personally and/or professionally help the VMAPAC raise $100,000 to support pro-MFG candidates and incumbents for the Virginia House of Delegates, Virginia Senate, Governor's Office, Attorney General's Office, and Lt. Governor's Office?.
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If you were to advise the VMA Board of Directors on investing limited membership dues income into services that would best serve your company, please rank the following:

(1 = Least)
Additional lobbyists to represent the membership in the General Assembly and Executive Branch
Additional funding for the VMA Legal Institute to defend industry in the Judicial Branch/Courts
Expand career exploration services for students K-14
Expand networking activities statewide
Provide OSHA 10 safety training and contractor training certification services
Provide industry credential and employability skills training services
Provide ISO14001 (EMS) and ISO45001 (safety & health) audits and consulting
Expand mentoring, training, and other programming for Women in Manufacturing (WiM)
Start a radio show/podcast focused on manufacturing issues and leaders
Offer group insurance services including P&C, health, vision, dental, life, AD&D, STD, LTD or 401(k) retirement services
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Please rank the importance of the following issues to you and your company's competitiveness.

 1 - Least important 2 - Somewhat important 3 - Neutral 4 - Important 5 - Most Important 
Taxation (corporate and individual)
Road, bridge, and Port of Virginia infrastructure funding
International trade development
Employment and labor regulations (e.g., Right-to-Work, COVID-19, $15 Minimum Wage, Marijuana)
Youth outreach and career exploration
Environmental regulation (e.g., Air, Water, Waste, and Recycling)
Climate change (please explain why in comments below)
Energy affordability, reliability, security, and sustainability
Manufacturing sector public image building
Workforce development and industry skills development
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How likely are you to do each of the following?
 1 - Never 2 - Maybe 3 - Absolutely   
Recommend VMA to friends or colleagues   
Renew your membership   
Attend an upcoming VMA event or webinar   
Participate in a VMA Committee   
Purchase a discounted product or service from the VMA member benefits program   
Engage your employees or retirees in political mobilization to ensure Virginia doesn't lose its competitiveness?   
Let the VMA engage your employees or retirees (virtually) in political mobilization to ensure Virginia doesn't lose its competitiveness?   
Use VMA's workforce solutions training, certifications, and consulting   
Source suppliers from VMA Connections, VMA Metal Connections, or supply chain events   
Buy VMA group 401(k) or insurance services   
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Which ways do you prefer we communicate with you? Please select all that apply.
Mobile App - Member Only
Website updates
Electronic newsletter
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Are you worried that recent political changes are resulting in public policies that make Virginia manufacturers less competitive?
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Virginia has legislated the Green New Deal (a.k.a., Virginia Clean Economy Act) and initiated the electrification of the transportation sector (a.k.a., the eventual ban of internal combustion engines) to be completed 2035-2045.  Electricity costs alone are expected to increase 61% for industrial consumers by 2030 and CO2 emissions from mobile sources, industrial, commercial, and energy generation are expected to be zero by 2050. Does your company support these policies regardless of their cost or benefit?

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The VMA is committed to politically balanced advocacy that will build a strong Virginia manufacturing sector. Does the VMA MFG Competitiveness Plan effectively represent your company?

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What suggestions do you have to improve the value of your membership? Are there any services or workforce training programs that you would like the VMA to add? 

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